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Intro to Combined Driving Clinic
April 23, 2016

This clinic is for drivers and grooms/navigators who are already experienced and safe drivers but who would like to learn new skills or refresh their knowledge of the sport and art of Combined Driving. 

You may attend this clinic by yourself or you may bring your groom/navigator at no additional fee. In the afternoon hands-on portion of the clinic, you may drive your own safe carriage with your own well-trained driving horse, or you may ride along with an experienced CDE driver on his or her competition turnout. 

You will receive lesson materials, lecture by experienced CDE competitors, and handy guides for you to refer to when you go out on your own. 


We'll address such issues as:

  • I've driven in the breed ring... woods... my local club... what are the differences                   for Combined Driving?
  • I've heard of a CDE.  What's a DT?  ADT?
  • Can my horse do it?  Do I have appropriate equipment?
  • Is Dressage really the basis of everything else?
  • How do I figure my marathon times?
  • What the heck is vet check?
  • We cross bridges?  Water? Really?
  • Cones driving is easy... isn't it?
  • Where to turn for more help... resources... events...

See omnibus for the schedule for the day and more information.

Open Date: March 14th, 2016
Close Date  April 9th, 2016

Sarah Johnson - Event Organizer
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